I remember my brother straight up told me and my mom that he was just going to date white girls until he finds a nice dark skinned black chick to settle down with.

My mom made this small gesture. It was a sort of disappointed head shake, but with a click of her tongue and a slight grin. 

I remember sitting there and wanting to kick him in the face. 

I told him, “So you just gave up? Imagine what it’s like for me as a dark skinned woman to hear this shit… Nevermind. It must be so fucking easy for you to have options.”

"I’m sorry, there aren’t any worthy black girls out here. They are either ghetto, ugly or stupid. So i’m just going to start fucking with these white girls to pass the time."

My mom just nodded her head in agreement. 

Really, mom?

Really, bro? 

What the fuck, tumblr?

  1. agentrosenfield answered: But then he said he would disown us if we dated out of our race…
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    when we were younger, i remember my brother saying he would never be with a white girl and that kinda made me mad...
  3. agentrosenfield said: Is your mother a dark-skinned woman?
  4. bjoneswho answered: ghetto ugly or stupid? If you don’t kick your brother’s ass I’M gonna kick your brother’s ass, I’m finding his ass and I’m kicking it.
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